Stir-fried dried squid

It's not too tough, but tender and properly chewy. I put into my mouth this stir-fried dried squid on top of a spoon of steamy rice. And another spoon of rice follows right after that.

Korean cuisine normally consists of rice, soup, and banchan(side dishes) and you eat them as you make your own combinations. The stir-fried dried squid is one of the most well-known banchans in Korea. We season the body of squids and dry them. It's called Jinmichae. Since it's already seasoned, it already tastes good. You can either snack on it with peanuts when drinking beer or cook it and eat it as a banchan. When cooking, first, you need to make it soft and then stir-fry or season it with Gochujang-based sauce. It normally tastes sweet, salty and a little spicy.

Chop Jinmichae into bite-size pieces. Put a tablespoon of mayonnaise and massage them.
Mix all the ingredients for the sauce and put them on medium heat. When it starts to boil, lower the heat, put the Jinmichae and stir-fry them.
Drizzle some sesame oil over it and mix them. Turn off the heat, put some roasted sesame, mix them and it's done.
2~3 times for 2 people


75 g  Jinmichae (dried squid)
1 Tbsp.  mayonnaise


½ Tbsp.  Yangjo Ganjang (soy sauce)
1 Tbsp.  Gochujang
1 Tbsp.  sugar
1 Tbsp.  rice cooking wine
½ tsp.  minced garlic

½ tsp.  sesame oil
½ Tbsp.  roasted sesame

1. Prepare Jinmichae

2. Stir-fry



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