Korean Cinnamon Punch

When you're about to drink Sujeonggwa, the sweet smell from the cinnamon touches your nose. If it's your first time, you might think 'Hmm. It's a cold and sweet drink with cinnamon taste.' If you take a sip, you will probably either frown a bit or smile with a little surprise. I don't think there's a third reaction to this drink.

It's because there is a surprising taste in Sujeonggwa. It's the spicy taste coming from ginger and a bit from cinnamon. At first, you smell and taste the sweetness, but in the end, there is a spiciness gently kicking your mouth and throat.

We usually drink it as-is, but traditionally we put dried persimmon inside it, let it soak, serve it with a couple of pine nuts floating on top and enjoy it. (The picture above is Sujeonggwa with dried fig, instead.)
If you put a dried persimmon, its flavor is softly spread to Sujeonggwa and gives rich sweetness. The soaked persimmon is a good dessert after the drink. It's a different experience than just drinking Sujeonggwa only.

Sujeonggwa is one of the most traditional drinks in the Korean holidays. In Korean holidays, people buy good ingredients, put in lots of effort, cook many different kinds of amazing food, and share them. Sujeonggwa shines when it cleanses your mouth and helps your digest after eating that food. Because Korean people normally drink Sujeonggwa when eating traditional holiday food, many think it's challenging to make. However, it's effortless. It's easy to find the ingredients, and it's cheap, too.

There are times when I wish there is Sujeonggwa in the fridge: In winter, when the air is stuffy with too much heater, after you take a shower with hot water and you throw yourself down on a sofa, when you need to cleanse your mouth after eating a load of greasy food, etc. It's worth a try to put your little effort and cost. It can make you feel content when you realize that there is Sujeonggwa in the fridge.

Slice the ginger after peeling. Wash the cinnamon. Preferably use the Cassia cinnamon over the Ceylon cinnamon. Put them in separate pots on high heat.
Once boiling, put it on low-medium heat for 30 minutes to steep.
Prepare a big pot and put a colander and a cotton cloth. Pour both pots of the ginger and the cinnamon over it.
Add sugar to the pot and put on high heat. Once boiling, turn off the heat, open the lid and let it cool down.
Once cooled down, store in the fridge and enjoy it cold.
~ 2 L

Steeping ginger

50 g  ginger
1.2   water

Steeping cinnamon

35 g  cinnamon
1.2   water

2 Tbsp.  dark brown sugar
100 g  light brown sugar
dried persimmon
pine nuts

1. Steep ginger and cinnamon

2. Blend and boil

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