fried onion and egg

I serve it thick in a small pan. The edges are still sizzling and I scoop it with a spoon. The cooked onion gives natural sweetness and the egg gives savory taste. The onion is soft but still a bit crunchy which makes the texture interesting.

Fried onion and egg is one of the most common dishes I have had since I was a kid. I was barely picky but somehow I didn't like it. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it, so I just thought to myself, "Why does mom never cook eggroll?" My dad and grandmother enjoyed it, but always said, "Why didn't you put more onion?" And I hated hearing it every time. The sweet taste from onion was a bit weird, too.

Has my taste changed, or am I missing the childhood? Now it's on my table quite frequently. I cook it a lot because it's easy to cook and the nutrition is well balanced. Chopping onions more than I initially thought I'd chop, I become my mom in those days for a second. "Why didn't you put more onions?" These words will always be followed when cooking this dish.

Heat your pan over medium-high heat and put oil. Heat the pan until it starts to smoke.
Lower the heat to low-medium. Lift the pan and swirl the oil around the edge of the pan. Pour the mix.
When the edge becomes brown and a little firm, flip it. At this point, except for the edge, the inside part is still a bit watery.
After flipping, wait a bit and life the edge a bit to check the bottom. If it looks brown, turn off the heat and serve it in the pan. The onion will become softer by the remaining heat from the pan.
2 servings as side dish

190 g  chopped yellow onion (1 Big Onion)
2  egg(s)
2 pinches  fine salt
A little  coarse ground pepper
½ tsp.  sesame oil

1. Onion and egg mix

2. Fry



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