Hello. I am Minji Jung. I was born and raised in South Korea. Now I'm living in Paris. I was majored in communication design, worked for a little bit and while thinking of what to do in the future, I got to move to Singapore. Living abroad, I got more time to focus on cooking and housekeeping which I always liked. After I got more experience and wrote notes, I used to sell Korean lunch boxes there. After moving to Paris, I've started this blog as well as practicing cooking and languages.

I think this place is going to be where I archive my food, cooking, personal thoughts, and daily life. As the name "merearchive" implies, I'm going to write things that may be seen inefficient, useless, or mere. For your information, I like rustic and simple food although sometimes it could be creative. I also like food that takes quite an amount of time to cook. I like fresh vegetables that contain seasonal flavors.


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