Supplementary Condiments
있으면 좋을 조미료
Anchovy and Kombu

As a follow-up of Basic Condiments, I'd like to introduce supplementary condiments. It may sound unclear to you by "supplementary." I use the following condiments very often. They are essential to me. However, it's not to everyone, and some are even controversial to Korean people. If you don't have some of these condiments or do not like them, feel free to replace them with others. There's nothing wrong. It depends on your preference.

Deulgireum(perilla oil)

Jeotgal(salted seafood): Saeujeot(salted shrimp), Myeolchi aekjeot(salted anchovy sauce), Kkanari aekjeot(fish sauce from Pacific sandlance)

Dried seafood and seaweed: Myeolchi(anchovy), Dashima(kombu)

They are supplementary. However, as said earlier, they are very important condiments to me. So you will often find them in my recipes. So I've chosen the condiments that are not hard to find online or in Korean marts.

Unlike Basic Condiments, I've split the content into many posts because I tried to squeeze too much information into a single post. Now that they're separate posts, I've put effort into explaining them enough. Like before, I've written about the description, where to use, how to store, and how they're made.



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