Spinach Pancak

I bought a bunch of spinach. Washing the soil off the spinach revealed a deep green color. The spinach that absorbed water was stiff. I shook it gently and spread it on a bamboo colander.

The water drops slowly fell. Listening to it, I was immersed in thought. What should I cook? With some mussels leftover, I could boil Doenjang Jjigae (soup made with Doenjang). Or, if I season the spinach with soy sauce, it will present the taste of spinach in a natural way. Or, I could cook Jang-Tteok with Gochujang (red pepper paste), which has a spicy and rich flavor. After spending quite a time, in the end, I just cooked them all.

Jang-Tteok is a pancake-like food made of mostly flour(or rice flour), Gochujang(or Doenjang), and soy sauce. It can also be steamed or grilled. It is served as a side dish or as a snack. Right after cooking, it is warm and soft. Later, when it’s cold, it’s chewy and has a deep savory flavor.

Korean people usually cook Jang-Tteok with quite fragrant vegetables in summer. Cooking it with spinach in autumn, I found it interesting in a different way. The smell was the same as what I had before, but the sweetness from spinach matched well with the savory taste of Jang (either Gochujang or Doenjang).

In contrast to Korea, it’s dry in summer in France, and it’s humid in autumn and winter. It’s cloudy and rains often. It rained all night until noon. When I was cooking Jang-Tteok, the dough sizzled with the oil on the pan. And I thought it was the sound of rain and went to the window to see the outside.

Cut the spinach into julienne. Cut the green chili pepper in half, get rid of the seeds, and cut them into fine julienne.
Clean the shrimps and remove the heads. Peel and devein the shrimps. Chop the shrimps coarsely. Mix them with salt, pepper, and ginger.
Dissolve Gochujang in the water.
Mix all the ingredients.
Put a pan on medium heat. Once heated, add the oil and wait for a little. Pour the dough thinly. Flip it when you don’t see any more raw dough on the surface, and the edge is a bit crusty.
Serve it on a plate when both sides are well cooked.
3~4 big Jang-Tteok

150 g  spinach
25 g  green chilli pepper

Marinate shrimps

80 g  raw shrimp (8~9)
2 pinches  salt
a little  ginger
a little  black pepper powder

250 mℓ  water
2 Tbsp.  Gochujang
150 g  all purpose flour
1 Tbsp.  Guk Ganjang (soy sauce)
1 tsp.  sesame oil

1. Prepare ingredients

2. Dough & Pan-fry

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