Seasoned Radish

Seasoning vegetable without heat, or lightly brining vegetable, we have these banchan (side dish) on the table more often as the sun stays longer, and shines brighter. They have light and springing taste, whereas kimchi has deep and refreshing taste. These days, the sense of time and the sense of my whole body are getting stretched slowly and indefinitely. When I slowly chewed these vegetables in their almost original raw form, I suddenly realized that I haven't felt much of liveliness in a while, like 'Oh right, it's Spring'.

It's good to use Japanese radish. Its texture is not too hard. Once brined, it's crunchy enough to easily chew. It's watery, so it's refreshing.

If the condition of the radish is good, you don't have to peel it. Just wash it thoroughly, and wipe it. Cut the radish into 7 cm-length pieces (2.7 inch). Now slice it into 3 mm thin slices (0.1 inch). Spread them and julienne them in the same thinness. If you cut radish in this way, you will get consistent pieces, and the direction of fiber isn't completely cut. So it gives you a crunchy texture.
Sprinkle coarse salt, mix, and rest for a while (15 minutes).
When the radish pieces are moist, soft, and easy to bend, put them on a strainer, and press gently to strain the liquid lightly.
In a bowl, add the radish, red pepper powder, and ginger juice (or powder), and mix them. Rest and make them red, while you prepare sweet vinegar sauce.
To make the sauce, put sugar and vinegar in a small bowl. Mix them enough until all the sugar is melted.
Pour the sauce over the brined radish, and mix them.
Add chopped spring onion, and sesame, and lightly mix them.
Keep it in the fridge, and enjoy it cold.
4 servings

500 g  Daikon
2 tsp.  Coarse Salt
½ tsp.  Ginger Juice (Or, a pinch of ginger powder)
1 Tbsp.  red pepper powder
1 ½ Tbsp.  sugar
1 ½ Tbsp.  vinegar
1 ½ Tbsp.  chopped spring onion
½ Tbsp.  roasted sesame

1. Brine radish

2. Make the radish red, and mix with sweet vinegar sauce

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