Seasoned Anchovy

Preparing the sautéed anchovy, I suddenly remembered the seasoned anchovy that my grandma cooked for me. The big anchovies had red pepper flakes on them and smelled like sesame oil. It was rough and tough. I found some anchovy bones in my mouth and secretly spit it out in a napkin. I never liked it. It's been so long since I had it, but it just popped up in my mind, and I felt like it should be tasty. It was weird. I changed my plan. Recalling what it tasted like, I seasoned the anchovies, et voilà! It was indeed delicious.

Time moves forward, but it seems my taste goes backward, considering that I'm recalling and craving the old foods more than the new foods I recently tried.

Cut the chili in half, get rid of the seeds, and chop it into tiny bits. De-head the anchovies, split them in half, get rid of the intestines, the bones, and the fins. Get rid of the hard bone between the head and the body if you find any.
Put a dry pan on medium heat. When heated, turn down the heat to low. Pour the anchovies on the fan and dry-fry them until it smells good and they become crispy. Po Pour them in a strainer to remove the powder.
Mix all the ingredients for the sauce in a bowl. Pour the anchovies into the bowl and mix them well. Add the chopped chili, the sesame oil, and the sesame and mix them.
4 servings

50 g  broth anchovy (trimmed)


½ Tbsp.  Doenjang
1 tsp.  Yangjo Ganjang (soy sauce)
1 Tbsp.  water
1 tsp.  sugar
1 tsp.  honey with mild scent
2 tsp.  red pepper powder
½ tsp.  minced garlic
½ tsp.  perilla oil

½  green chilli pepper
2 tsp.  sesame oil
½ Tbsp.  roasted sesame

1. Prepare ingredients

2. Season

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