I was talking to my friend, and an unexpected riddle began. We talked about my blog, and the conversation moved onto a particular food. He asked me if I can write a recipe on my blog about Red Braised Potatoes. I got so excited and said yes because I could tell how much he loves the dish. Right after that, I began to cook inside my head. The braised potatoes. The small potatoes that are glossy, red, sweet, and chewy. Imagining the delicious potatoes, I suddenly got a weird feeling. I rechecked the conversation. He said, "It's soft enough to crush easily, and I mix it with the rice." Wait, that's totally different from what I captured in my mind. I forgot to ask and got myself into the endless imagining and googling.

To be "soft enough to easily crush," there must be enough soup. He said, "red," so it must be properly spicy. I've never tasted it, and I can't go anywhere to taste it here in Paris. So I began to cook it, continually thinking of the conversation and the images googled.

Cooking it a couple of times, I've got used to it. On a deep wide rim plate with steamed rice, I put the red braised potatoes. I crush them, mix them with rice, and before I know it, the plates are empty. Just like a ceramic jar densely filled with something, my belly is full. Is this taste what he expects? I write down my answer to the riddle.

Slice the potatoes into 1cm thick slices. Rub them with the salt, pour the water, and let it release some starch while we prepare the rest of the ingredients.
Cut the onion in half, slice it into 1cm thick slices and cut them in half again. Cut the spring onion diagonally. Mix all the ingredients for the sauce in a bowl.
Rince the potatoes slightly in clean water. Lay the potatoes on a pot. Pour almost all of the water and put the pot on high heat.
Once boiled, put the sauce and the onion. Put the remaining water in the sauce bowl, swirl it, and pour over the onion.
Close the lid and put on low-medium heat. When the water becomes 1/3, put the spring onion, red pepper powder, and the black pepper powder. Close the lid again and braise it a little more.
Turn off the heat, pour the sesame oil, and serve.
2 servings

Prepare potatoes

300 g  potato
1 tsp.  salt
water (just to submerge the potatoes)


1 Tbsp.  Yangjo Ganjang (soy sauce)
2 tsp.  fish sauce
1 Tbsp.  Gochujang
½ Tbsp.  sugar
1 tsp.  minced garlic

250 mℓ  water
180 g  onion
¼   spring onion
1 tsp.  red pepper powder
1 tsp.  sesame oil
a little bit  black pepper powder

1. Prepare potatoes

2. The rest of the ingredients

3. Braise

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