A whisker in flour

1 cup = 250 ml

1 tablespoon = 15 ml

1 teaspoon = 5 ml

On our first trip together, we were walking down unfamiliar streets with our eyes on the map all the time. We were actually walking on the map. Not long after we got tired, put the phone in the bag, and started to wander. "Screw the destination!" At first, we just walked meaninglessly. As we walked and walked, we started to see the streets we were walking on and to realize our excitement to explore this new place. The destination was blurry, our feet were swollen but our steps and mind were clear. Now that we ditched the map, we could go anywhere at our own pace. It was our monumental experience in terms of travel. The reason why it was hard to not look at the map must've been the anxiety about the unfamiliar place, the care for each other, and the desire to spend time efficiently.

We search for recipes, understand the ingredients and the instructions, and finally reach the destination by finishing the cooking. In that manner, it's quite similar to the following maps. Recipes are useful. Since I started to write down and read recipes, I've been enjoying cooking more than before. It's also precious to share them with others. However, it can be tiring if we are too focused on them just like our mistake during the trip.

Sometimes it's good to have a distance from recipes, think about what you want to eat and just go to the market. Or, in the market, you can sense which ingredients are in season, buy whatever you like, and think later what to cook with them. You can also protest against a recipe by adding a bunch of something or to replace something with another. Whatever the destination is, I wish your journey there is enjoyable and you like wherever you end up.



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