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Before starting this blog, I worried if it'd be okay to publish my thoughts. To be honest, I still have a little bit of doubt and hesitance. Due to my low self-esteem, I'm not used to revealing my thoughts. When interacting with people, my mental energy is consumed rather than being filled. So I was hesitant to write long posts that somebody might read. I've been raised in an environment where I saw lots of cooking around me. But except for that, I wasn't trained professionally. I thought I was not qualified for many reasons. My husband suggested, but for those reasons, I didn't take it seriously.

After moving to Paris, I've become a little stronger and it has become a little easier to reveal my thoughts. I tried to focus on the part of the energy being filled instead of the other part of energy being consumed. I began to rethink what my husband suggested. It could be possible to re-organize my notes in a better form and to try to let myself exposed. It won't be good enough but my archive could help someone. I will make mistakes, but it will help me and others to learn. Then, it should be enough reason to start this thing.

I still have worries and hesitance which might slow me down, but I'm going to try to write things regularly.



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